Since we got used to it by now, let’s keep on learning new things from home!

Street science is a free app (yes, free! and always will be!) that will take you on urban scavengerhunts during which you’ll try and locate hidden markers in order to discover different typesof fun science content!

At the moment, the first itinerary is located in Marseille, France, but who knows – maybe thenext one set up will be in YOUR city! In the meantime, since the it’s not super easy for a lot of us to leave the house for a wander,we have created a special scavenger hunt you can set up right at home!


How to play ?

All you have to do is print this document, and cut out the 8 marker signs (pages 3 to 9).

Go ahead and hide the signs wherever you like around your house (glued inside a cupboard,nailed to the tool shed, stapled to a tree or hidden under the dog’s bed). To see them come to life, just download the Street Science app (available on the App Store andthe Google Play Store), and choose the “Everyday Plankton” itinerary.

Download it, and juststart!

Your treasure hunters (big or small – adults will have fun with this too – and might learn a few things!) will simply have to click the scan button once they locate a sign, and point the camera towards it for the magic to happen! Touch the 3D element to display more information about it and to confirm that you found it!

Have fun!

#Plankton4ever #ScienceRocks!